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Our Interview With CEO of Jet Firm, PrivateFly

As technology evolves, our society and attitudes are evolving with it.

For instance, it’s no longer acceptable to simply receive a good or service. Our culture wants to have it right now.

When it comes to on-demand services, we’re a demanding bunch!

Now, several companies have stepped up to meet this challenge. And the savvier ones are spotting lucrative gaps in certain markets.

In June, for example, I noted how Postmates and InstaCart are making life easier for city dwellers. As a result, they’re grabbing boatloads of funding from venture capitalists.

Well, here’s another on-demand company that’s operating at a much “higher” level…

A Trend That’s in for the Long Haul

In case you’re concerned or skeptical… make no mistake, on-demand companies and apps aren’t just cool, passing fads.

They’re developing disruptive technologies and innovative business models that are tapping into a sustainable, long-term consumer trend.

And it’s not just restricted to a few sectors and industries, either.

A couple of weeks ago, for example, I profiled JetSmarter – an emerging on-demand private jet-chartering service that’s being dubbed the “Uber of the sky.”

But it’s not the only one making strides in this industry.

In fact, JetSmarter wasn’t even the first company to do so.

An English company called PrivateFly was.

And it’s done so against the odds, too.

Based in St. Albans, PrivateFly was founded in 2008, in the heart of the recession. Needless to say, that’s a pretty bold move for a company that caters to high-end clients at a time when people were losing their jobs and cutting back.

To further discuss the industry – and get a closer look at PrivateFly’s prospects within it – I invited the company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Twidell, to speak with us.

Adam spent 10 years as a pilot in Britain’s Royal Air Force, after which he flew private jets himself. So he’s been right on the frontlines of the industry – a fact that gives him valuable experience to serve as CEO.

Have a listen to what Adam shared with me below…

Your eyes in the Pipeline,

Marty Biancuzzo

Marty Biancuzzo

, Technology Analyst

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