The Only Foolproof Theft Deterrent Available?

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  1. James E. Horn says:

    There is another level that these guys haven’t included, a chip or a code in the vehicle’s computer that when activated (along with the lowjack) will cause the car or truck to begin losing RPMs, slowing the vehicle down to a crawl.

    These are in use in South America and Europe, and are very effective.


  2. Wendy says:

    Some article. Two examples of theft from dealers–not individual car owners–and a plug for LoJack. If it’s got a computer, someone can hack it. I don’t want a hackable car. If it’s not doing what I want it to do, then someone’s stealing it, and I don’t want my car’s utility stolen by some keyboard jockey with nothing better to do, or worse, get killed because the “ghost in the machine” made the electronic brain take the wrong choice, or I got into a situation the original programmer either didn’t think of or disregarded as statistically irrelevant.

    Oh, here, here: In the same newsletter that linked to this story, there’s an article about cyberterrorism and ransomware. Wonder how long it will be before criminals start “ransoming” your car, maybe with you inside it?


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