Cyber Criminals Target Home Depot Customers

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  1. Media Propaganda says:

    That’s what they get for showing that annoying “Barefootin” commercial over and over again. Cramming 5 different races into an unrealistic social scenario will result in your system getting hacked every time.


  2. Orvell Froloff says:

    Cash is King…….for now!


  3. Patty Nardi says:

    When things like this happen, you can bet this government is behind it. They want to introduce to us the mark of the beast, where we have to wear a divice of sorts, inorder to buy anything. This way, they can keep track of all we make, and will pay in taxes. Welcome to the world of slavery.

    With that said, they will first come for the guns, so you have no way to defeat them. For those who think guns kill people, that is like saying, cars kill people. Why do they still allow us to have cars after so any wrecks have killed so many people, drunk or not? Keep your guns to keep your freedom. It all goes hand in hand.


  4. Gentleman Jim says:

    You forgot to mention that during the Holidays that ‘Newman-Marcus Stores” were attack much like Target was. More recently the State of California, Dept of Mortor Vehicles this summer answered their phones with a warning that if you used a debit or credit card in payment that their system had been hacked and that authorities were looking into it. Not sure if any citizen private information was taken. They were investigating. No mentioned on the major news outlets


  5. Wendy says:

    “collecting and storing large amounts of data not only increases the risk of a data breach or other unauthorized access, but also increases the potential harm that could be caused.”

    -Yep. And Obamacare mandates electronic health records for everybody.


  6. Margaret says:

    To protect myself for purchasing especially a high $ item I have opened a second checking account at my credit union. I get a debit/credit card for that account and transfer funds to it when I want to purchase or go on vacation. I can also advise the credit union if I will be on vacation and where and they put a special notice on the account to watch it for me. So if my card is stolen and they go elsewhere to use it it is denied and I am called.
    While away I can still log in and transfer funds to that account if I want.
    Keeping the balance low there prevents hackers from stealing anything of real value and my regular account is safe.


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