Proof That Old-School Journalism is Dead

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  1. Carol says:

    It’s about time that people and papers that THOUGHT they knew better than “WE THE PEOPLE” about issues and how they felt they could dictate topics with “their spin and opinion” are no longer being taken as truth! I am really happy that the people dictated to the media that we want only facts and the truth, the days if opinion and spin are fading and fading fast. The media has CAUSED the harm that BO is putting America through. “WE THE PEOPLE” DO NOT need for any media source to endorse any candidate over another. Let people wake up and hear the messages from the candidates and make up their own mind. We have had nothing but lies from the present administration and will no longer accept it. What made the media became so for the democrats anyway? They lie, cheat, cause fraud, believe they are above the law, became rich due to inside info, blame, point fingers and name call AND the media protected them! Well bye bye liars! Bye bye dictators! Bye bye to the “I know better than you” jerks!
    The day of reckoning are here, and they are here to stay!
    Congrats readers and the public that will no longer be led around by the nose!!!!!!!


  2. David Peacock says:

    there is reality setting in and liberals STILL KEEP trying to spin it…….lame stream media is failing because Americans have awaken to their White House talking point regurgitators;; we are awake you communist sycophants.


  3. Carol says:

    And you can see it here! After you write a comment this site, Capitol Hill Daily, will go over YOUR COMMENT for moderation! ANOTHER REAL JOKE! Again they will tell you what they will allow for you to say!!!!!!


  4. Ron Rice says:

    Great news! Now these unemployed fakers can do what they do best: write a novel or two. I agree that management should terminate the high paid novelist. With all the illegal immigrants floating around who will do jobs no one else wants, hire one of them for minimum wage. Probably get more accurate rumors from them. McDonalds is hiring, so in Burger King.


  5. Kevin S says:

    Well, since USA Today’s editorial staff worked so dilligently to make that paper the eminent Socialist rag it is today, it’s only befitting that it should fall by the wayside. The American people are slowly waking up, and we’re fed up with the perverse, un-American opinions of those Bolshevik “news” editors. Most of us can think for ourselves, and find those “editorials” to be Kremlin-inspired hogwash that even the Kremlin apparatchiks no longer believe or promote.
    But, I will miss the occasional second-hand copies of USA Today that I have used for pet cage lining, the best use I could find for that rag.


  6. Jerry says:

    Hopefully, a trend in media will emerge, and all of the left-wing rags that have been polluting the Nation, will begin publishing TRUTH or perish?
    Maybe there will be accountability in reporting, since there is instant access to news, and with more TRUTHFUL reporting, perhaps more people will begin to recognize the TRUTH?
    Fire ALL of the LEFTIST spin doctors!


  7. Samuel Adams says:

    These so-called “journalists” sold their collective Communist souls for the proverbial 30 pieces of solver long ago. Only now are they beginning to see their efforts to carry water for this Fascist admin. are being met with the same flagrant lies asnd stonewalling that was previously meted out to “We the People.” There is nothing so fretting and vexatious, nothing so justly TERRIBLE to the populace as having their Free Press become tools and abettors to tyrants.


  8. tony igwe says:

    And now the conservative spin machine is obsessed with owning the new spin media. Remember how we were told by the new media that Mitt Romney was leading in all the polls in 2012.
    America is leaning libertarian, not conservative! To make the point, please note that libertarians are not a subset of conservatives, despite your concerted effort to push that line.


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