Adapting to the Shriveling Oil Market

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  1. Jawaid manzoor says:

    I think the oil is not much of a problem in China, who has the ability to adjust/tailor its requirements based on market trends without much effect on its growth rate. Since long they have also signed up supply from Iran. Then is also the potential of fall in Russian prices. But over all, it is to look at the oil economy as whole. US today has much greater hold on oil with the price linked to US dollar, and an advantage. But new discoveries are on the horizon, let alone the Canadian Alberta oil sands. Again, gulf countries are committed to large projects tied to oil money that they may have to under sell. This trend has carried on. Again with abundance of local supply, gas prices at the pumps do not sufficiently reflect benefit to the consumer. So while new technologies are in process, what happens when the oil gravy train has finally reached a thresh hold?
    Just a point of view.


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