Bank of America Upgraded to “Buy”

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  1. Gary Junkins says:

    Jim Rickards has BAC at the TOP of his sell list. One of you are wrong! History will reveal who it is!


  2. William Murphy says:

    Did a government mandate to issue mortgages to individuals without money down and without adequate qualifications result in the creation of low rated derivatives? Or was it the banks that did not establish a sound basis for the issuance of mortgages? Regardless of what led to the presence of a significant number of risky mortgages, the derivatives should have been soundly based. Professionals like Freddy and Fanny should have avoided excessive risk. If they did, not much damage would have been done. Mortgages have realities in cost that have to be included in one way or another. Someone has to pay. It will be either us, them, or both.


  3. Anna says:

    Since it was government regulations (read socialist democrats) that required banks to give $200,000 mortgages to someone with an income less than $32,000 a year, why is the government getting this money and not those who discovered $32,000 and less a year does not pay off a $200,000 mortgage payments and lost their homes and now have a back credit record?


    Sajjad Reply:

    Anna, Well why not give easy credits to nondeserving, non- paying creditors with little income when all major currencies are headed towards oblivion anyway, to include the dollar and ofcourse €uro. Look at the trillions pumped to revive the econonomy with a result that despite all of that “great” effort the world economy is obviously headed for deflation instead of inflation. I am not a doomsday preacher but I believe all what Dr. Martin Weiss and others are saying. Ultimately we will find ourselves confronting that fact one day when our bank deposits are worhtless. .


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