Now Boarding: The “Uber of the Sky” Private Jet

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  1. marc campagna says:

    That is the best idea that I heard in a long time how do we come aboard ?



    Marie Reply:

    Jetsmarter is horrible!! Paid over $7000 membership fee. They boast you can hop on empty legs easily. Took one flight out all ok. Trying to return was the worst! Confirmed a flight thru their app. Had to travel 4 hours paying driver to get to return flight. Arrived at the airport to find the broker for Jetsmarter had cancelled our flight. His excuse was the jet couldn’t make it to the airport but employees told us the jet had been in hanger all day and was now booked to diff location. This left us stranded. Had to book hotel and then pay for expensive last minute commercial flight next day. Warning you better think twice before joining jetsmarter unless you want to b ripped off!!


    BizzyJet Reply:

    Hi, We are looking into the business practices of Jet Smarter and other likeminder companies. Would love to hear your story.

    We have a number of disgruntled people making these same statements.


  2. Brian Wallace says:

    I like this post. There is great convenience in traveling by a private jet. It really saves time and leaves one contented. Thank you for sharing.


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