Celebrity Picture Hack Shows iCloud Weakness

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  1. Pogo says:

    If these “sooper jeenyuses” didn’t want photos of their naked butts (and other things) published, why did they take them and store them in cyberspace in the first place? Publicity?

    Many Americans are paying more attention to such silliness as this while the world catches fire and burns down around their ears. What a sad state of affairs.


    Phillip Lake Reply:

    It is finally coming around full circle and biting people in the rear. In this great-great world of communication marvels people are just starting to see the dark side of this s0-called good electronic world. Welcome to “Orwell’s” world of Big Brother.


    Thom Stewart Reply:

    I was able to chuckle at this in spite of it’s truth. Good post! I wish more people understood the severity of being so easily hacked, and I don’t mean just to them!


  2. woody says:

    Perfect timing as 6 gets ready to launch…humm.


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