Russia Has Invaded Ukraine

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  1. Mika says:

    Extremely bias. You should be signing off by saying
    In Pursuit of the “Truth”.


    Kam Reply:

    Mika, so are you saying Russia has not invaded Ukraine? If so, then lets watch what happens in the next few days/weeks. If it gets proven that Ukraine government has fallen, then can we call you up on that?

    Thank You Chris for sharing the facts and keeping it neutral!!! … can you now please take over Mike Floyd’s role? He seems to the only ultra-biased/one sided person in your organization.


    Sue Reply:

    I AGREE with the above post.
    If you really want to know the truth, I suggest you follow Paul Craig


  2. Raleigh Swails says:

    Putin is a brillient stategist, but his move against the U.S. will be his ruin; Americans will die in large numbers because of the negative karma of abortion.


  3. Kevin S says:

    Vladimir Putin will continue to do as he wants. Why? It’s very simple. All Western “leaders” are weak, and Putin knows it. Without a strong US President, no one else will stand up to him as everyone with a brain knows that Osama bin Obama is a sick joke as a leader. And, since all of Europe is still licking its wounds after two World Wars, don’t look for anything more than yammering like tree-monkeys from that quarter.
    Face it. The Soviet Union is being rebuilt before our eyes.


  4. Bill Robo says:

    The typical many Wall Street Daily news report…some of it quite good…is very nearly always followed up by a slam, subtle, or obvious, against President Obama, or any other perceived target of your organization. That’s why I have not subscribed to your newspaper for so many years. The final straw was when you started to slam all teachers-thinking that they were all Democrats, or liberals. As a matter of fact I can confirm that many
    of my fellow teachers are Republicans. Get up to date!
    Just the news, please, investment or otherwise.


  5. Michael says:

    The piece was an excellent summation of the situation that is currently occurring between Ukraine and Russia. Furthermore, well it doesn’t offer any new information, the piece is hardly biased. Perhaps Mika is just one of those paranoid types but that begs the question regarding why she’s reading about this topic on Walt Street Daily to start with.


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