Revolution Brewing in Nuclear Fuel Technology?

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  1. Art Frewin says:

    thanks for the article, seems over priced to me. they have established a pretty good marketing plan, and they have convinced me if the technology is there that it will be the future of electrical and all sorts of power. that being said, economic structure does not change quickly. at my age trying to reap the benifits through investment is probably remote.

    the real problem is now a days no one wants to comprise when it comes to the enviroment and nothing is black and white. dirty coal lets not use it, that will work for a while , but when it comes to turning off the electricity because there is not enough to go around, then we will see just how uncomprising they can be.


  2. martin says:

    thorium…gimme a break. it has been in the works for like 100 years and they never got it to work. doubt these guys can make it viable. also it is a lie that thorium is safer in terms of waste. it is actually worse.


    Alan Reply:

    Thorium has indeed been successfully used in nuclear reactors, but the best way to do it is in a molten salt reactor, which is not what these guys are pushing of course. Eventually, most reactors are likely to be powered by thorium, but given the lack of crisis in uranium availability, that will take longer than it should.

    The MSR-based thorium reactor (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, or LFTR is the most common term) does reduce the waste stream significantly, due to much more complete fuel burn-up, and the end waste products are relatively short-lived (hundreds of years vs 10,000’s), in addition to there just being less of them.


  3. Lester Logan says:

    BACK TO THE FUTURE WITH THORIUM! But this time, get real, partner with other governments and companies, make money, and be rich. Sign me off as a cautious investor.


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