The Tea Party is Alive and Well

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  1. Thomas Stafford says:

    I just hope it come to fruition in time for my nieces and nephews. I have had a good run. I hope to live long enough to see a light at the end of the tunnel that I do not think is a train.


  2. Greg says:

    Both parties in that slim pit, Washington, DC hate us The media hate us. We must be doing something right.


    Kam Reply:

    Greg that’s a pretty stupid analogy …. if everyone hates you, then you must be doing something right??? In that case you are justifying what the terrorist have done. Are you a terrorist Greg? Are you related to Timothy McVeigh??? Not very bright I see.


    jack doyle Reply:

    Name one thing done right by these ignorant uneducated nothings ,you don’t know what a communist , socialist or a democracy is and cannot possibly see a balanced budget with your “leaders’ or Plans (LOL) now or ever,the nation hates you too.Other than that, have a nice century.


  3. L.E. Liesner says:

    It is not the demise of the TEA Party you are seeing, its the death of a once great nation. The Karl Rove type of candidates are of the status quo mentality. And guess what, the status quo is what’s destroying our country. Politics has replace honor and integrity the same way that political correctness has replaced common sense. To these politicians, the Constitution of the United States is nothing but an antiquated piece of parchment that is only useful when they need a certain portion of it for their own self serving agenda. While these same politicians swear an oath to that antiquated parchment, they do not honor their oath, that is the sign of a dishonorable person and those are the people destroying our country. “We the People” are remiss in our duty by electing and re-electing dishonorable people to run this country.


  4. Richard Riker says:

    Nice to read an article by a commentator with no agenda to push. Take a look at the website for Mr. Brown’s “Western Center for Journalism”, a non-profit for “informing and equipping Americans who love freedom”. It reads like a cross between FOX News and Ann Coulter. Just another arch-conservative rabble rouser.


  5. ONTIME says:

    The T party is breathing down the necks of the RINO’s and there is still time until the ballots are cast, they are not going away…..


  6. Jean Adamson says:

    Joe Miller is an idiot. He won the GOP nomination on the last go round, but was defeated in the general election by moderate Lisa Murkowski, also of the GOP, in a write in contest. Alaskans came to their senses that time around. Both parties deserve the lousy public opinion they have earned and until we the people kick out the extremists on both sides of the isle and get big unregulated money out of politics it will not get better. A pipe dream I’m afraid.


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