Is This Nuclear Power System Set for Disaster?

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  1. NukeRiskGuy says:

    Nuclear power did not kill 17,484 in Japan – the tsunami (or the aftermath of the tsunami) did.


  2. Jesse says:

    Have you had a look at thorium?


  3. Finn says:

    these plants are at least as vulnerable to a tsunami as any land based plants are. we have built on our safety standards using the lessons learned from Fukushima to make land based plants (both existing and future) safer than ever.


  4. Al Tinfoil says:

    There are many nuclear plants of the same type as Chernobyl that have been operating safely for decades. They are not a particularly safe design, but can be operated safely if properly operated. The Chernobyl disaster was caused by gross mishandling of the operation of the plant. A test that was to be done in the daytime was put off until night time, when only junior operations crew were available and all scientific experts and advisers were unavailable. The test was supervised by an unqualified bureaucrat with a bullying manner, who forced the test to proceed even when it went awry from early on. His bullying demands and the efforts of the junior crew to accommodate his demands led to the plant blowing up.


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