Why are These Tech Giants Meeting in Secret?

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  1. Robert E. Bell III says:

    Dear Sir,
    I think that it is a mistake to get rid of the payphones in New York. We should keep some of them around for emergency purposes. Also, we as a society should remember how the older technologies worked. They may be needed one day. The newer technology locks the individual more into a grid system. For people that want more freedom, the older technologies provided more options. Also, knowledge of the older dynamo systems and the Alexanderson system could be lost. The older dynamo systems gave us the freedom to literally draw energy from the ground without the unhealthy influence of spewing tons of electromagnetic frequencies into the atmosphere, which in the long run , cannot be healthy for consumers.


  2. Joey1058 says:

    Consider this also: If it can be successfully demonstrated that the concept works in NY, there will be many thousands of locations that will be revived around the country. The infrastructure still exists. It’s a simple matter to re-install a payphone at a junction box. And there will be a reemerging industry of manufacturing public phones that are WiFi hotspots.


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