Drive Safer and Sleep Better With These Devices

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  1. Cathy says:

    Do you have to own another product to go along with sense that will monitor your sleep cycle. REM and such?


  2. Mark R says:

    GM has been putting heads up displays (HUD) in their cars for several years… I have one in my 99 Buick and love it. I don’t know if they still offer it, or if it will have the features available that the product in the article references.


  3. Stan says:

    Great informative article, I just have a small comment about defining the general idea of Internet of Things. You reffered to it as “…world where machines, devices, and systems are all interconnected via the internet…”. While this is true the IoT idea extends to include all physical things (entities) in the world. That means they would all have their digital representation somewhere in the global ecosystem. Essentially everything tangible is becoming interconnected and machines, devices and systems are only seen as means to deliver this vision.

    Indeed IoT industry is growing exponentially with numerous opportunities for both academic and commercial research and applications.


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