Homewrecker: Dollar General Bids for Family Dollar

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  1. Davd B says:

    Dollar Tree everything is a dollar the other two nothing is a dollar, name is misleading.


  2. Karen says:

    Guess I should order that soap from Dollar Tree now.


  3. Timothy OLeary says:

    I will stick with Dollar Tree. Not only is everything $1 or under, they are cleaner, they are more organized and their people are friendlier


    Robin H. Reply:

    I agree with Timothy Oleary: The stores are clean and the sales staff are excellent and friendly!


    Rob Peck Reply:

    I agree with Karen and Tim.

    It is a total misnomer to call the stores Dollar General and Family Dollar in that it implies (and undoubtedly is intended to imply that the sell their merchandise for a “Dollar.” They should be called “Dollar, Five or Ten” since most of their merchandise is more than a dollar. It feels like they are trying to put one over on me—to fool me to come in thinking I will be spending a dollar per item. It is true, that you can tell immediately, when inside the first time, that there are not really “dollar merchandise” stores.

    Only DOLLAR TREE is true to its name. It is not misleading the consumer. It actually sells EVERYTHING in the store for $1. I think they deserve the Gold Star of these types of stores.

    In terms of nice, clean and orderly stores, I find that in the Dollar Stores and Dollar Generals they vary greatly in this regard. Some feel like a low level second had store, but I have been in some that were very bright and clean and orderly too. I have commented to some of them about it and saw the ones I gave positive comments seemed aware and proud of their nice stores.


  4. Sasha says:

    I shop at these stores often and I love Dollar Tree!! They have awide variety of items and the staff is polite!! Family Dollar isn’t bad but they can improve on some things.


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