Republicans Primed to Control the Senate

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  1. Dan Hunter says:

    Ewhat a surprise that you being so biased would come to that conclusion. It is a shame that Wall Street Daily feels there is a need to have a biased political commentator tarnish their excellent investment ideas.


  2. Purelight7 says:

    Dan, don’t be a sore loser. If you can’t handle truth, then may I suggest you don’t read the Wall Street daily. Maybe the Huffington Post would be more up your alley. I hear they have been lying a lot lately.


  3. Girlie58 says:

    Biased ? Have you ever heard how the mainstream media speak and target republicans? I am sure you have and it must be ok with you. What about their silence on atrocities committed by this administration and it’s army of democrats? Talk about being biased!!


  4. TexRancher says:

    The sooner Adolph Reid is gone, the better!


  5. Peter Osborne says:

    Hopefully this analysis is correct. Harry and Barack have held the economy back long enough.


  6. Clista Hancock says:

    I hope you are right but I thought Obama would lose both elections; look what happened.


  7. ron says:

    If the Goosestep Over People party were to get control, then its downgrade America.


  8. jmm0874 says:

    AS IF!! Cocky attitudes do not and will not win elections, nor does granting amnesty to a bunch of low skilled, illiterate, downtrodden from rhe third world who broke our aws and now rewarded. THIS PARTY faithful will be sitting out this produce election wons either. Theres not a party which represents me any longer…and im not alone in my disgust asd contempt for blathering big government republicanism as this piece puts on display.


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