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White House Sends Arms Into Iraq

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the hundreds of thousands of guns that went missing in Afghanistan.

(As many as 43% of all small arms supplied to the Afghan National Security Forces are unaccounted for at this time.)

Unfortunately, the Obama administration must’ve missed my piece.

You see, in response to the Islamic State’s progress in northern Iraq, the government is now following an almost identical course, supplying small arms to the Kurdish people in hopes that they might stem the tide of terrorist violence.

But if the Afghan National Security Forces – a beleaguered group, but better trained and organized than the Kurdish citizens – managed to lose 200,000 small arms, what is going to happen to the guns we’re sending into Iraq?

You guessed it. They’re going to end up in the hands of terrorists.

A Primetime Opponent

Barack Obama wanted to avoid any involvement in Iraq, especially after finally pulling the last American troops out and ending George W. Bush’s war.

But as Floyd pointed out, Obama’s hasty retreat is actually the reason America is re-entering Iraq so soon after we made our exit.

The Iraqi army we trained and armed was deeply flawed, and once the Islamic State began sweeping across the country, the army splintered and collapsed almost immediately. The weapons we’d supplied to the Iraqis – including tanks and heavy arms – fell into the hands of terrorists.

And now, Obama seems to think that the solution is sending even more guns to another group of Iraqis – this time, the peshmerga – the Kurdish fighters attempting to hold off the Islamic State’s advance into northern Iraq.

My question is: Have we learned nothing?

Simply throwing weapons (or money, or whatever) at an ill-prepared group of citizens and fighters, no matter how good-natured the cause, isn’t going to end the insurgency in Iraq.

On the contrary, Obama’s refusal to either leave well enough alone or actually get his hands dirty will end up backfiring before we know it. Arming the Kurdish fighters may temporarily slow the terrorists, but in the end, those guns are going to end up in the hands of our enemies.

The problem is that Obama has consistently underestimated the Islamic State.

In January, Obama told The New Yorker, “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”

In reality, though, the Islamic State is a powerful, organized, and well-armed group. The speed with which they’ve captured territory in Iraq has shocked the world.

What’s more, most analysts concede that the Islamic State has matched all of al Qaeda’s success, short of organizing a successful terrorist attack on the United States.

Jayvee? Hardly.

It’s time for the president to wake up to reality and come up with a real solution to the problem in Iraq.

In Pursuit of the Truth,

Christopher Eutaw

Christopher Eutaw

, Staff Writer, Politics

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