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The First “Home Pod”: Keecker Robot


Forget your iPhone, iPad, and other everyday gadgets… technology has reached a new level.

Meet Keecker Robot, the first “Home Pod” – an all-encompassing computer and home entertainment device that moves with a user from room to room.

It’s the creation of Pierre Lebeau, a former product manager at Google (GOOG), who became weary of the limitations of fixed screens and sound systems when watching movies and surfing the web.

So he designed the Keecker Robot to make home life more convenient.

The mini-bot comes loaded with an array of systems – such as a high-resolution projector, 360-degree surround sound speakers, and panoramic fish eye camera.

As Lebeau says, it’s “something that can move and go to any room to give me a kind of TV-like experience anywhere I want without the cables and the complexity.”

It also allows owners to keep tabs on their homes while on vacation.

And thanks to its cameras and sensors, it can navigate from room to room without bumping into furniture.

Stairs are more challenging! But it’s not too shabby for a home-inspired computer.

Lebeau says, “We’d like to call it a ‘home pod,’ which is like an iPod, but instead of the ‘i’ version, it’s the home version, so the home pod is like the first computer designed with the house in mind – for a collective use, as opposed to a personal computer. This is a kind of collective computer.”

The system will only operate wirelessly via Android or iOS apps.

The Keecker will hit the market sometime next year and will cost around $5,000.

If only it could cook and clean, it definitely would have landed a premier role in The Jetsons.

Ahead of the tape,

Tech Research Team