Gov’t Indirectly Gives Children Cancer

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  1. MachineGhost says:

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Here’s a truth pill:

    NPR (and Other Major Media) Spreads Serious Falsehoods About the HPV Vaccine.


  2. Wendy says:

    This headline is misleading and nonsensical. How is the government indirectly giving kids cancer? Is the author arguing that not mandating an injection known to cause severe reactions including DEATH amounts to giving them what the vaccine pruportedly attacks?

    What a crock of fertilizer.


    Nunya Reply:

    Most journalists are complete crap these days. Misleading headlines, spelling errors, incomplete sentences, and a lack of moral values. I take everything with a grain of salt until I do my own research. Journalism is in a very sad state these days.


    Gregor Reply:

    Here, here and well said. Short and to the point. Thanks.


  3. Charles says:

    So tell me, what makes you think these vaccines are what they’re
    supposed to be? Just because ‘THEY’ say it does? Did you ever stop
    and think ‘THEY’ don’t want you to get better! ‘THEY’ want to keep
    you sick, as there’s NO MONEY in being well! I could say more, but I
    don’t want to keep looking over my shoulder.
    In my opinion, PRAYERS are better than that stuff they’re trying
    to peddle. A lot of our GI’s were their “Ginny Pigs” back in the day!


  4. RReagn says:

    With the millions being made trading pharmaceutical company stocks, I suppose it would be too much to ask that a “Health Correspondent” for Wall Street Daily bother to cover the negative aspects of the HPV vaccination.

    Meanwhile, anyone who isn’t a blind sheep may want to simply ask, “If the HPV vaccine is so safe–like supposedly all vaccines–then why are the ingredients not provided with each dose, just like is required for a bottle of vitamins or a bag of potato chips?”

    Then your follow-up question should be, “Why did congress exempt vaccine manufactures and administering doctors from vaccine lawsuits if they are so safe?”

    You can ascertain the true safety of a vaccine with the answer to these two questions.


  5. Bill Smit says:

    It was just made public how the CDC was covering up information about a vaccine for over 12 years causing damage to children. The information is still not be addressed by the new media. Cover up keep going on because of $$ pharmaceutical company.


    Steph Reply:

    Pharmaceutical companies, the new mafia.


  6. Joshua Strunk says:

    I am thoroughly disappointed that an outlet such as this would publish such drivel. HPV vaccine is a scam. Even if it did what it it is purported to do, the effect of such a thing is like spitting in the ocean to dilute an oil spill. There are a multitude of reports that are conflictory on the actual effects of the vaccine, some even connect major side effects like death to it. Yet we are supposed to subject our children to this potentially deadly shot because of its possible benefits. Play russian roulette with your own children… leave mine out of it.


  7. Andy says:

    I have been into natural Health Care for a few years now, at 58 years old, I am convinced that Vaccines are worse than the disease. Any vaccine.


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