Haystack App Creating Chaos in Boston

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  1. Tony Denozo says:

    I think it is a very ingenious way to earn a few dollars in an economy that was conjured up by the very people like Frank Barker who caused it to be the way it is.
    Frank if you don’t like it well that’s just to bad your most likely the very one of the people that the IRS needs to audit. Who are you to begrudge anyone who is trying to make a little extra money, I would dare to say that your not the first person in the history of the world who got into politics for the purpose of being a public servant. You ran for that position because it is high profile and you like that. You like the fact that when no one else can get a parking place you sit back and think about the one that gets reserved for you due to your position. If you want to impress people why don’t you give up your space for free. In fact I challenge you to do that very thing for one month let the random Jon or Jane have your parking spot and you see what its like to have to scrounge around looking for a place to park.


  2. Joe says:

    Oh, imagine that. The cities are pissed because someone is selling something that should be free. Much like cities sell water and electricity. Let’s see. Water is a free substance, that comes from underground wells, or falls from the sky. While Electricity comes from steam generation, or solar power. Yet, someone is making a killing off of that. So, you’ll pardon me while I don’t cry.


  3. Doc8395 says:

    I’d like to put my two cents in here if I may be so bold. A disruptive technology such as Uber is a good thing and an alternative to taxi cabs. It’s cleaner and faster than trying to flag down a taxi during its busier times of day and it’s pretty comparable to taxi cab fees. So this technology is great for people who are on the go and don’t use or have their own mode if transportation.
    On the other hand, jerk tech apps such as haystack are fundamentally just wrong. As your article mentions from Boston’s Mayor Walsh, this app is selling something they don’t own, control, or have any business dealings with the city of Boston or any city for that matter. I don’t blame mayor Walsh for doing what he’s doing to stop this app from being used in his city. Unlike Uber who sells a service they provide with companies they do business with or own vehicles of their own, Haystack does not have any of these things and is a ligit business and a proper competitor of business. That’s the painful part of business when you have competition of the same type. Jerk tech apps like haystack or reservationhop are business apps that operate on there own with no ties to any business or proper contracts. If ReservationHop had contracts with restaurants, hotels or anything that a reservation was required, then I’d be on board with it, but so far as I’ve seen, it does not. So an app making a reservation for me at a place it does not have authority to make is just ethically wrong and should be banned from use. Haystack as well!!
    My point to all of this is all about ethically balanced and proper use of disruptive technologies. If these basics are applied, then I could see where painful competition and good investing would be lucrative. I don’t see how some of these jerk tech apps could be applied to good investing.
    Thank you for allowing me to put my two cents in. Great article though!!


  4. Jorge says:

    Obviously, Boston does not have nearly enough parking spaces. If they really wanted to thwart Haystack, they merely need to increase the number of spaces so that everyone can park. Instead they whine about somebody making money off of public incompetence. Excuse me while I laugh. I love free enterprise.


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