The Problem With Foreign Policy

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  1. thomas hansen says:

    humans just love to fight each other.


  2. Jay Clow says:

    So, if the White House knows for sure the Soviets shot down MA flight 17, and the Obama Administration deliberately withholding the information (thereby benefiting our adversary), is this not tantamount to treason and/or sedition? At the very least, it’s another cover-up/another lie for political gain


    SJ Jolly Reply:

    There hasn’t been any Soviets for the last 20 years.


  3. Einar Petersen says:

    World without War, is a Fool’s Ideal!

    For, as long as there are two people with conflicting views, there will be Conflict!


  4. Paul says:

    Most of us understand that Ovomit is not a pacifist ! He is a inexperienced liberal coward ! He is FOR illegals even criminals, he is FOR Iran, he is FOR playing golf during crises ! HE IS NOT FOR the USA and its people !


  5. Jane says:

    Well it’s a good job then President Obama is in office and not some lunatic carrying the football.Personally I think the president has done a good job balancing diplomacy with force and all the negative double speak towards him comes from sheer spite towards his popularity.


    Jimmy Reply:



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