Checking in on the Islamic State

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  1. Keith TX says:

    Obama is letting his Muslime brothers conquer all christians around the world he is intentionally allowing this by design all the facts are there just read between the lines


    Dave Reply:

    I agree – when was there ANYTIME any of us have heard barry denounce ANY of the psychopathic homicidal treatment of ANY non muslim by his brothers in arms? NEVER – THIS is his plan to ALLOW this to happen without any interference – What human rights barry – Wheres your indignation now you fraudulent POS –


    G13Man Reply:

    . of course the media does not care about the right of Christians . so we do not hear about it !!


    KushK Reply:

    How many times did George W use the word Islam or Muslim? While attacking Afghanistan, Al Qaeda’s HQ and Teleban’s stronghold, he repeatedly clarified: “Our war is not against Islam.” He did the same when he deceptively attacked Iraq. The fact is the entire West hesitates to drag religion into politics because Western democracies have this wall of separation. Islam does not respect any such wall of separation between the State and religion. It’s about time that the West stops being shy about universal democratic values and starts calling out Islam and Islamists who support the Islamo-fascist worldview derived from the 9th Century that has no place in the modern-day world.


  2. Jarhead says:

    WRONG…he is far too busy covering up scandals like the AZ VA Death By Delay – Friendly Fire, to have time to just play a fiddle. And too busy to ask the DOJ to charge FED/GOV employees responsible for manslaughter, and/or other numerous criminal acts. Or even suggest the return of bonuses paid for criminal acts.


  3. Daniel says:

    Obama fiddles as our country is getting systematically destroyed (from within) by the insidious agenda perpetrated by the un-American unconstitutional, corrupted and fraud-base current administration now in Washington.

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.


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