Will Latest Russia Sanctions Matter?

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  1. abbey says:

    Obama is an idiot and Putin knows it.


    Gleb Reply:

    Unfortunately, ABBEY! Obama is not an idiot! He knows what to do. For the sake of US Dollar can very much! For example shoot down the plane by “other hands”! FED urgently need a global war!
    History repeats! As in 1914, as in 1939! Debt can be written off and destroy a competitor! It will be bad all, except the United States!


  2. G13man says:

    I am waiting for Russia to stop the gas .. then who will be hurting . Personally I am broke , but if i have food and am warm , I am ok . Russia could do the same . Actually we might be doing them a favor by teaching them austerity and self sufficiency . Some thing USA used to know and do .


  3. lavinia elenburgh says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the above description of Obama by Abbey
    It is so true,pity the Americans didn’t tumble to this man before voting for him.


  4. Werner says:

    America wont be hurt by this sanction Policy, which is a typical US fancy and never succeeded anywhere. US should never have meddled in Ukrainian business, it was only a futile attempt to dominate Europe and the rest of the world. US supremacy is nearing its end, though I do not see anyone else really fit to take over. I am afraid we are heading towards a separation between US and Europe. Do not forget, Europe has a common border with Russia, USA has not, that makes a lot of a difference.
    For further information, please read Emmanuel Todd’s bokk “Après l’empire”, written before the (lost) Iraw war, his prédictions appear to become more realistic by the day.


  5. Mick Kovacs says:

    Nobody outside of the brain dead who are looking for a hand out have any faith in anything the for apologist-in-chief has to say. Nobody in the international community respects him because they see him for what he is and know he is out of his depth and putting him in the ring with Putin is more like putting the gloves on Rue Paul and expecting results you might have gotten from Muhammad Ali in his prime. Not going to happen. Not to mention the visions that the two leaders have for their countries as Putin would like to see a return to the super power days of the old Soviet Union for Russia and Obama would rather see the U.S.A. fall to somewhere below Somalia on the prestige scale of world governments.


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