Hundreds of Thousands of Guns Go Missing

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  1. G13man says:

    and now we want to send more missles and guns and ammo to IRAQ , The industrial/military complex love”s our deficit spending.


  2. Liams Nana says:

    Unbelievable–the money earmarked for our defense budget needs to be withheld until the dept of defense can get a handle on what we actually have.


  3. chuck says:

    MY QUESTION??? WHO is surprised by this??? Did we NOT SEE THIS coming?????


  4. MARK BROWN says:

    They want to take our guns, the gov. can’t even keep track of what they have in the field. they can’t even keep enough control to keep the weapons out of real terrorist hands. why do terrorists go out and take the weapons off dead soldiers body’s when we allow then to steal them new, in bulk from the warehouses. We better keep ours because there is enough weapons our gov GAVE to terrorist out there for them to take over our country, so we better be ready ALWAYS


  5. hangman says:

    The way Obama’s goons are trying to confiscate guns here, who is to say they are not stealing guns in Afghanastan?


  6. Adel says:

    I still wonder what happened to the pallet of 100 dollar bills, totaling over a billion dollars that became “lost” in Iraq by the military when the USA occupied it. A few millions of dollars of weapons seems trivial compared to that.


  7. Dave says:

    Watch John Stewart this week and you’ll see where all the big stuff is going. And what about all the Tanks Humvees, and other equipment,etc, will we leave enough behind to supply our enemies because we are to lazy and stupid to bring it back. And what of the $50 Billion in cash we count account for. All this should keep that whole region in conflict for years to come with no more interference from us. As a veteran the thing I feel worst about is our treatment of our own Veterans, God bless them.


    Yellowbird Reply:

    Dave, thank you sir, you said it very well,God Bless and keep you and all of our GI’s/Vets who need our “PRAYERS'”.


  8. Tim Singleton says:

    Anyone with any brains knows that this is just operation Fast & Furious all over again.

    When are people going to wake up and realize that a coup d’état is in motion in the legislative branch of this government. Just because many of the ignorant and dependent voted for it makes it no less dangerous and illegal.

    Getting elected does not give you the right to ignore the Constitution as this presidency so often does.

    Yes, my bet is that the executive branch knows where the weapons went just like the ones they directed the ATF to allow to get into the Mexican drug cartel’s hands.Why? So they could create an excuse to move against the Second Amendment.


  9. Doubtful says:

    Why don’t they sell the guns to me, I’d pay more for them than the terrorists? And Mark Brown, the terrorists do not want to take over America, they just want to kill every man, woman and child that is a U.S. citizen or non-Muslim. So, nothing to worry about right? You can still keep your home, although you and your family will be buried in the back yard.


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