Obama’s Crony Capitalists Strike it Rich

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  1. Dr. Len Schneck says:

    This is such small potatoes compared to Cheney starting the war in Iraq in order to enrich Halliburton!


    Frank from Ft Worth Reply:

    Perhaps true Doc but they did not have to change any laws just to suit Cheney. Something this administration does at the drop of a hat.


  2. Latif says:

    Head line; Obama Crony’s Capitalists strick’s it rich;

    The president of United states Barack H. obama if we are working on something we can use D’tour to get to were we want to be, The US president is the good example, we may disagree with him or agree with him, but if we real need to get to where we wanna be after everything done yes it 100% possible, if we cant get along with the president and we want to do different we will i promise to get what we saw if you want something put effort i’m not dictating but good plan produces good result, words to action pays


    Latif Reply:



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