Why Germany’s Win Sent Brazil Stocks Higher

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  1. Gringa Brazilien says:

    May I add a few corrections?
    I am Brazilian and can confirm the following:
    No one, except the mainstream right-wing Media, expected, or rather, hoped for a “a continued downward spiral in Brazilian sentiment regarding the economy and government.”
    Reality paints a rather more positive picture:
    – the World Cup was a huge success
    – the country 2 most important economic markers, unemployment and inflation, are both at historical lows.
    – Petrobras shares are rising fast due to record production both in oil, gas and pre-salt.
    – The current President Dilma Rousseff has been leading all the pre-election Polls for many months now (comfortably w/ average of 40%)
    So, as we can see, the real picture is rather positive, despite the politically-driven Media trying to tell us otherwise.
    Best Regards,
    Isabel Monteiro (aka GringaBrazilien)


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