Two Competing Obamacare Rulings

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  1. Roger says:

    Obama Care is nothing more then one more way the government will have of taking over control of the people. Think about it, Obama care has taken away from the people their decision making process and put it firmly in the governments hands. What the gov. has succeeded in doing is making the decisions for the people because Big Government knows much better then you the individual what you will eventually need. Sure reeks of Communism, where the people did what the government demanded of them, doesn’t it?


  2. Pat says:

    The first 1000 pages of the bill were posted at for months before the vote. Anyone who read even the first 100 pages could see what a putrid mess it was, how poorly written, full of loopholes and contradictions. Many people read it and begged their elected reps to read it and vote NO. The reps couldn’t be bothered to read it, they were told that it was excellent healthcare for everyone, they didn’t need to read it. They added another 1800 pages at the last minute and voted it in. Anyone who voted for the bill should be voted out – you can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out of office. Since then they have added 15,000 more regulations and requirements to it, those new regulations are just starting to come out and we will know what they are when we are told that they are now law. Healthcare? No. Government control, billions for special interests and friends/donors of the Obama administration. Yes!


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