Did Obama’s Nightmare Become Reality?

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  1. Frank says:

    Well it’s about time someone other than non Democrats realize what this yahoo is doing. He’s driving us straight to bankruptcy right in the face of everyone who is a Citizen. This is a fight that should unite every color. All will suffer if this continues. I expect the fight from the Whites, but it’s good to see Blacks are finally waking up and seeing him for what he is. Great!


    T Reply:

    Frank, I agree with you 100%. But to stop osama, we need millions of people voting against him and all he stands for, inc. the people he campaigns and raises money for.


  2. Tammy and Henry Holtzclaw says:

    You are aware our government sends millions already to feed these kids and take care of them medically to their own countries?!!!!!


  3. Kevin S says:

    It seems that we may as well change our national motto to “Give me your lazy, your botched, and your whores……”
    And that appears to be exactly what Osama bin Obama wants……. More able-bodied freeloaders who will support him when he makes himself Dictator-for-life before November 2016.


    bama4 Reply:

    Kevin, you hit the nail, on the head with your comment. I agree with you, 100%. And while America has millions of unemployed citizens, or citizens working low paying jobs because of the 30 million ILLEGALS that were already here, that osama is supporting. osama refuses to help our people who are homeless, hungry, and in need of health care. IMPEACH osama.


  4. D. Hansen says:

    None of the politicains in washington have the guts to Impeach an illegal president!!!!!!!!!!!


    T Reply:

    I’m afraid you are correct.


    CG Reply:

    Many in the House have the guts to initiate impeachment proceedings, but are biding their time. They know that Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate leadership will just slap it away when it reaches them, or twist arms to vote it down. That’s why first regaining Republican control of the Senate is so important this November.


  5. KB says:

    Even the Border Patrol confirms that 80% of the people coming across the border are men. Many of them criminals and gang members. 20% are women and children. The entire thing is a smokescreen to advance the open borders agenda.


  6. AJ says:

    Obama’s statement that “comprehensive immigration reform” would “prevent” what’s happening at the border is preposterous. Here’s what Obama is doing as a one man “pull factor”:

    Constantly calling for “comprehensive immigration reform”, i.e., a reward
    for illegality which betgets more illegality.


    Obama’s promised greatly expanded new deferred action (waiting to spring
    right before November elections).

    His “Morton memo” policy of deporting so few categories of
    aliens from the interior of the country that:

    “If you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of
    getting deported are close to zero.” – John
    Sandweg, recent acting director of ICE

    This de facto green card is a huge magnet. Asylum cases have a low success
    rate. Do you think so many people are coming here just for that? Of
    course not. They are coming because they know that even if they lose
    (or do not even bother showing up for) their asylum case, they can
    reside unlawfully with impunity.

    Here is an informative article about how “the administration’s
    policy of eviscerating interior enforcement is entirely its own
    creation and has no basis whatsoever in law. That policy, the
    president’s de facto amnesty of young illegal immigrants imposed by
    executive order and all the talk of a more wide-ranging amnesty over the
    past year have had their predictable effect.”



  7. gonzo says:

    Open borders Obama wants to destroy America and escape
    4 Bengazi felony murder charges.


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