Breast Milk: The New Steroid for Body Builders

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  1. Aros says:

    So if I take the statistical facts as true, which I think are, 75% of all babies breast fed were/are contaminated with bacterial species right after their birth, since big percent babies (maybe 50%) are born from young mothers with around 20 years age without completely formed organs and bones, that’s additional thing pumped for weakening the already very weak babies, on top of that to many of them are given antibiotic drugs or natural antibiotic remedies upon seeing some signs of higher temperature. All this gives some picture why life s of near ‘evolved’ or ‘revolutionized’ people is with every generation shorter and shorter period. Very valuable information, Thanks Nikia Wade.


  2. Kris says:

    I am a nursing mother. I have donated my extra milk to another baby in need. The other mother says her baby is drinking my milk and doing great! I hope people can see the positive side of using breast milk. Some of the bacteria in the milk can actually be good for the body- like a probiotic. There is always 2 sides to the story. Thanks for writing the article to fuel a conversation.


  3. kenny says:

    I think the person that wrote this article has no idea what the facts are. They are merely using telling a bunch body building idiots not to spend too much time trying to get breast milk as it was a miracle drug and that is understandable but that’s all the articles on this issue ever talk about now, the real evidence that it could possible have some benefit if used wisely after some more research is what people are curious about and i believe there are people in this world that have higher knowledge than other on such issues, but those who have the knowledge are smart enough to never let the world get stupid enough


  4. Robert Burns says:

    What hysterics. Hey, writers are fatal because some hare hacks for I.S.S.L.!


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