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Breast Milk: The New Steroid for Body Builders

Staying fit comes with a price: Eat right, exercise on a regular basis, drink plenty of water, and don’t drink too much alcohol (if any).

The list of dos and don’ts is infinite…

But as we know, not everyone shares the same fitness goals.

For some, being fit means running a marathon – while for others, the focus could be on building muscle mass and strength.

But a new fad has just hit the athletic community. And it’s not only bizarre, but also lethal!

The “Perfect” Supplement

Before you hit the locker room after your workout, don’t be shocked when you see your buddies guzzling down a nice big cup of breast milk. Seriously.

I’ll give you a moment to let that digest, if you will…

Why on Earth would grown men be sipping on something that we’ve left behind with infancy?

Well, many athletes are using this new “energy drink” to keep their stamina up.

For Anthony, an athlete in Queens, New York, steroids and other energy supplements are “garbage.” So milk from a random woman’s breast seems to be the most logical next step?


Anthony claims that “it gives me incredible energy [that] I don’t get from other food and drinks.”

This young athlete loads up on breast milk by purchasing it online for about $2.50 an ounce, which isn’t too shabby for the steroid alternative.

That’s right, you can purchase your own share of random ladies’ breast milk right on your laptop, iPad, or iPhone! Indeed, according to the online platform, Only the Breast, its motto is: “A Community for Moms to Buy, Sell & Donate Natural Breast Milk.”

The site boasts a classified ads section, which is essentially like Craig’s List… only for breast milk. See for yourself. I guess it’s true… you really can buy anything on the internet.

Anthony certainly isn’t alone in his nutritional supplement choice, either. This new trend has spread throughout the athletic community – and now even body builders are touting it as “the perfect supplement.”

They claim that the nutrients and proteins in the milk not only provide energy, but also allow the athletes to build muscle in a natural way.

Now, we’re not getting into whether or not that’s true. But we have discovered some troubling side effects you should be aware of – just in case you were thinking of trying it for yourself…

The Elixir of Death

Grown men consuming breast milk isn’t just strange, it can be dangerous, too.

In fact, it could very well kill someone…

Just like you wouldn’t purchase food from a stranger online, health experts are (understandably) discouraging people from doing the same with breast milk…

The donation of baby milk isn’t regulated like other body fluids. So there’s an obvious risk of contamination.

Consider these frightening statistics…

Just last October, “64% of samples from milk-sharing sites were contaminated with staph, 36% with strep, and almost three-quarters with other bacterial species,” as reported in The New York Times.

If the milk was government regulated, 74% of the samples would have bombed milk bank criteria.

So while some believe that breast milk gives that “natural boost” needed in the gym, if patrons aren’t careful, that first sip may also be their last.

At the intersection of health and wealth,

Nikia Wade

Nikia Wade

, Technology Correspondent

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