Tough Decision for North Dakota Oil Drillers

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  1. Robert D says:

    The United States is the Greatest Country in the World! We have invented just about everything. We started the Industrial Revolution, and so long as the Communists in our government (the left), who are seeking to put the Republic down, don’t succeed in turning us into a socialist state there are so many opportunities. American Voters WAKE UP! There is more to voting for a President than a charismatic smile and a good bluffer. We don’t need a president who talks a good story, we need a president like George Washington or Ronald Reagan who loved the Republic and did not speak with a forked tongue.


  2. R.Grewal says:

    Keep up the good work Karim. I love this website. Its a daily read. Thank you so much


  3. chuck quinn says:

    Keep going Karim! Shine the light on these anti-American left-wingers. The people that care need to vote in great numbers, to offset those that want free stuff. These are mostly the young public school and liberal college educated, who were never taught about history or The Constitution by honest teachers.


  4. Mike says:

    Gee… only to think of the TRILLIONS of Natural Gas which has been burned ‘ore the years… Such a ‘waste’ of a Natural Resource. Blame = Big Oil.


  5. Srini says:

    Dear Karim, There are small scale technologies to convert the nat gas to methanol and other higher value chemicals. We have pitched this to several oil companies in ND but there was complete lack of interest to monetize the gas. Feel bad for royalty owners that they are losing out on this opportunity. Hopefully articles like these would instill a sense of urgency to tackle this problem. Thanks!


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