Will Lois Lerner Finally Fess Up?

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  1. kathryn Haines says:

    Does anyone remember former president Nixon’s secretary, Rosemary Woods, I believe her name was and the accidentally erased tape recorder of a crucial 18 and a half minutes regarding the Watergate scandal?

    Tape recordings, emails, tape recordings, emails…As Hilary Clinton would say…what difference does it make? …it is lost in history and we never will know the truth or see true justice done. But I give credit to the justices who keep pounding away trying to pry the facts out into the open.


  2. jim says:

    Drive by one the country club prisons for government crooks and see how they enjoy tennis courts, golf, no fences and can go home on weekends. That is only in the very rare chance they even get there.


  3. Dave Ussery says:

    Somewhere these emails exist, but just like the Nixon tapes it’ll take time for all to surface!


  4. Wanda Tillman says:

    Excuse me!!

    “Lerner was paid a substantial pension to retire early!”

    Since when do we pay incompetent employees to leave. We fire them! No severance pay, no letter of recommendation. This seems to be a recipe for encouraging malfeasance in government office. Maybe we need to ‘privatize’ the way government offices and bureaucracies are run.


    James Hutchins Reply:

    This is part of a govt. culture of superiority and arrogance. It is 1000 times more important L.L. comes completely clean to help reverse this culture of omnipotence than to destroy the long worked for pension of a single employee indoctrinated into this culture. It is so much worthier to use her pension and an extended irreversible period of incarceration as leverage to acquire the facts: who, what, when, where, and how this lawlessness was promoted, IMHO.


    jenjen Reply:

    I agree!


  5. Will says:

    Time’s a wastin, better get to it… Lois Lerner shoulda been in jail 6 months ago… Eric Holder should be there in the next cell along with Barry Soetoro/Soebarkha/Subud/Obama…


  6. James Hutchins says:

    Find out what she knows within a month or sentence her for obstruction of justice and freeze her pension.
    Next find out who gave her instruction and burn them too, and so on.
    Then investigate the DOJ for dereliction of duty.
    Democrat or republican not withstanding, burn ’em ALL!
    America is either a nation of law under our Constitution or of men. A nation of men is an
    invitation for another J. Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito, etc. as president.


  7. S. Caya says:

    I have replaced my hard drive 3 times in the last 7 years. Never lost ONE e-mail. How does the IRS lose Thousands of e-mails when ONE hard drive crashes? Those e-mails had to be on a main frame somewhere in the building or the COG archive.


  8. L K says:

    Obstruction of Justice, Destruction of Evidence. Throw the whole lot of them in jail. Revoke Lerner’s pension, no further payments from the gov’t. PERIOD. If they ever do get out of jail before they die, they are no longer allowed to work for the government in any way shape or form.
    As a side note all career politicians must be ended. ONLY One term in political office allowed for all of them. Then they must be denied any gov’t. jobs whatsoever. No benefits, no pensions, etc. These career crackpots are Public Servants folks, they are supposed to be Serving us. I am one of many who are fed up with the Lies and Corruption.


  9. Barry Soetorhoe says:

    We must abolish the IRS and establish a new tax collection system altogether. One that is NEVER aimed at the personal income of any American Citizen. One that forces the Federal Government to collect levies and trade tariffs as the US Constitution limits it so.


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