How Hillary’s Book Tour Killed Presidency Hopes

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  1. Spencer Rice says:

    After putting up with muslim Obama and his attempts at every turn to destroy America and our way of life, we find it necessary to have one of his administration to do the kill shot? Are we not better than this? Do we deserve it, or are we just a country of true idiots? It is all about morals, integrity, ability to work and lead. Let us remember the blood on her hands from Benghazi, etc. etc.. Let us truly keep them out of the White House and debt free. (Could not be first lady and budget the White House). She is out of touch and simply power hungry. What truly made me sick was an interview taped years ago when she bragged about getting a twelve year old rapist off on a technicality and laughed about it. Truly sad and pathetic. Retire her.



    When she allowed Husain to take over the primary campaign in 2008, an otherwise easy win for her, I realized Hillary simply isn’t smart enough to run, although being smart is not necessary for a serving President (e.g., Shrub Bush II). The last real PRESIDENT was Ronald Reagan. Since, we have had mediocrities. Great leaders are few and far between.


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