Obama’s Policies Making America Unsafe

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  1. Don says:

    Haven’t those IDIOTS in Washington learned the lesson yet ?? You don’t train “allies” in the latest tactics and give them the most advanced weapons because they will probably turn on us! Remember Bin laden, he was an “ally” at one time. It is much harder to defeat an enemy when he knows your tactics and has the same weapons.


    Sandra Reply:

    That is true in 99.99% of the time. Plus, given the volatile situation there is especially true more to the point they shouldn’t have armed them with anything more then their enemies had, and also should have left them without some of our military to stay to keep this from happening. However, there is another very important point. You are aware of our illustrious so called commander in chief, right? Our president? Not much more needs to be explained as to why this happened. I think that when he’s done screwing up every country he decides to help and if ours has not collapsed, then after his stint of f**k**g up our country maybe he could become an actor and take over the roll of the bumbling inspector that Peter Sellers made so famous, God rest his soul. Or would that be an insult to Mr. Sellers and the pink panther trilogy? What say you, Don?


  2. paul collins says:

    It is time to impeach Obama. Even if the senate doesn’t convict him, we will know who to vote out in 2014 so he can be tried again. If we lose the next two elections our country is finished.


  3. Allen A. says:

    This points up the absolute insanity of the current Administration. The fact that Mexican Immigration caught over 100 middle eastern illegals in Mexico right after 9/11/01 was sparsely reported at the time. Now more of those individuals are moving through the country and substantial bribes, coupled with death threats are keeping the Mexican authorities from acting against them. After all, Mexico is not their target. At least, not now.


  4. sandy says:

    WAKE UP AMERICA! This president is concerned about getting the most money to destroy our constitution and trample on the security and safety of the united states. He has done nothing for the american people and continues to leave us unsafe to the rest of the world. We must take back our laws that make us what we are AMERICA THE STRONGEST NATION! If you love Obama you are communist! period! He has broken so many laws and he will continue to. He doesn’t care about us get it through your thick skull! He wants to change us to socialims/communist! iF YOUR NOT GETTING IT YOUR BRAIN DEAD! Mother/grandparents COMMUNIST FATHER MUSLIM. His allegiance is to Islam. Do your research stop being so stupid!


    Michael Reply:

    Sandy is 100% correct! Not much more to say except that we need to identify those really behind Obama. That would be the world’s banking/money/power/elite. The population of the world is allowed to act out every type of historically based ‘ social personality’, or way of life because; it helps keep the world confused, divided and suspicious of each other, so to speak; and this has been the result since the Tower of Babel, folks Wake Up! Religions are just another form of confusion which has reigned supreme ever since. This was when everyone was given a different language purposefully so that they could not communicate and be in agreement. God knows the biggest fools, he created them and they are us. None above are any different than those below. The world of humanity is merely another side show attraction in God’s universal amusement park, so get over yourselves and wipe that smile off your face. A new beginning is near!


  5. Dianna says:

    I am not easily fooled. I know EVIL when I see it. That is why I did not vote for him. Unfortunately, I agree a new beginning is near.


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