Time to Celebrate Cost of Government Day

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  1. slimjim says:

    Well some of America wanted this muslim, now they have him. What will these same deceived people do now ? Probably not a damn thing!!!


  2. Edwin King says:

    Gee, I just heard the DOW was at about 17,000. What was it the day this President was sworn in? Oh, so you forgot to tell us that it has doubled under this man. I’m sure it was just oversight and not a planned deception.
    I agree with President Reagan’s comment, our government under the sleeping president was our problem.


    jimmyjay21 Reply:

    Ya right, the value in the markets is reflected directly by our debt. Any person stupid enough to allow this is not due any credit for good government.


    Earl P. Holt III Reply:

    For several years, the Fed has pumped $85 Billion per MONTH into financial markets, driving-up the value of stocks and other investments in order to fool investors into thinking they are wealthier than they actually are.

    What the Fed has done is create a “speculative bubble” that is going to leave many more lives shattered when it explodes.

    I would not expect an Obama voter and supporter to know about any of this…


  3. kasper_Goering says:

    The size of government is reflective of the needs of its citizens. Americas population has grown by at least 25% since 1900. Has our Government grown by 25% since then? I hope so.


    G13man Reply:

    are u saying we are needy ? or is it all those immigrants who are needy and lazy ? personally with the computers and automation available , we should not need somany pple in gov. …


    RWHAWK Reply:

    Has our Government grown by 25% since then? I hope so!!!
    Where did this “law of government growth” come from? The size of our govt should be based upon the limited requirements of govt found in our constitutions, not growth of population.
    Our govt has grown based on the desires of greedy welfare recipients and greedy politicians promising wealth redistribution, from the haves to the have-nots.


  4. RobK1967 says:

    Floyd, your insane rantings are always amusing in their stupidity, does anyone even believe the tripe you write anymore? Other than your fellow right wing nutjobs I mean


  5. Michael R. Thomas says:

    Government debt and spending is part of the equation but this recession weve had the total stopping of gdp expansion by retartive patent reform and failure to establish invention stimulious programs to overcome the retartive patent system with progressive reforms the congress lacks the people with the top ideas for US growth so everything stagnates because they wont listen to top inventors on how to fix the system they only want to figure new ways to rip him of his IP


  6. Earl P. Holt III says:

    There is nothing stated here that any reasonable person could dispute: The problem is that reasonable people already know this, and Obama supporters will never see nor hear of it, nor would they believe it if exposed to it…


  7. Avery Mackenzie says:

    Floyd – your piece would flunk high school journalism. The headline blasts out Obama’s name as the killer of the economy, yet several little things are missing in the commentary;
    -Not once is Obama’s name mentioned
    -There is no description nor evidence to support that HE killed the economy
    Obama alone is not the “government”. There is this little group I’m told known as the congress. Did they have anything to do with killing the economy?
    The death of the economy is greatly exaggerated – it’s still there, healthy or not.
    -And BTW the economy is much better shape than when “the killer” took office. Unemployment down, housing market rebounding, the banking sector under control (maybe), equity markets in good shape (but way over-valued) , etc….

    The real problem in the USA is the over complex and completely unwieldy revenue and tax structure. If you’re good enough, let’s see some research and editorial on that topic.

    Suggest you re-take your final university exam – I think you “killed” it the 1st time.


  8. Frankie Diaz says:

    Couldn’t just let this slide through. Mr. Brown states:

    “Of course, the government does have important tasks to complete. First, it protects us from enemies of freedom, both foreign and domestic. Additionally, the government helps us settle disputes between grieved parties, and it regulates the maintenance of our national infrastructure.”

    Important tasks. If the “government” would stop trying to expand “its” sphere of influence (read, coercion) there wouldn’t be so many enemies of freedom both foreign and domestic. (Among those domestic enemies is every Rothbardian alive, including Ron Paul.)

    It helps us settle disputes? Considering the enormity of positive law being crammed down each citizen’s throats (from regulations on how much water their showerhead should flow to personal choices like what gender their mate is), I think one really needs to laugh at the so-called settlement. We’d be better off with arbitration or even let people dispute their problems on Main Street at High Noon.

    And as for maintenance of our “national infrastructure”! That’s a laugh! Far better to buy some cold asphalt and fill the potholes in one’s streets than count on the government’s maintenance! It would cost less and would last much longer!

    Please, everyone. Read Murray Rothbard. Choose to do something on your own. Don’t bring in the busybodies to the party; they’ll want to regulate the size of the plastic cups. Oh, wait, they already do that.


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