Getting Slim By Drinking Margaritas?

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  1. Tim Johnson says:

    Pure stevia extract is the best non sugar sweetener available. Monk fruit extract is pretty good as well as long as you use pure extracts or liquid versions.

    Truvia and other non pure versions of natural sweeteners add sugar alcohols as bulking agents. These are what cause the adverse side effects experienced by some people.


  2. JOHN SANDOVAL says:

    I tend to avoid all sugars, except natural fructose found in dates, peaches, pears – in moderation.
    Works fine for me.
    good luck


  3. Kirk Carter says:

    I thought they just experienced a shortage of the Agave plant due drought conditions? As a matter of fact, I think Tequila prices were being severly affected by the shortage. If this is true, I can only imagine how much Agavin sugar would cost!


  4. Charles says:

    Just use sugar or nothing. If it’s chemically manufactured, your body does not want it.


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