Hillary Clinton Out to Prove She isn’t Obama

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  1. Sarah Yarbrough says:

    She has to be an idiot to run…she is still very popular and has lots of clout. If she runs and loses, especially in the Democrat Primary FOR THE SECOND TIME. She is toast…only her most ardent fans will stick with her and there aren’t that many of them. There will be other Democrats running and if one of them is an attractive young woman…the Dem’s will opt for that.

    We have become more and more a visual, tv/Internet communication society. She can really look old and unattractive. Sadly old and unattractive women do not appeal to the general voting public. She is OLD and with the rigor of a campaign she is going to have a hard time keeping up the pace and looking refreshed and vibrant.

    The smart thing for her to do, especially since her book has not done well (a subtle hint) and she still can age gracefully and maybe even run for Senator again is to blame it on her health and gracefully declare that she just doesn’t have the stamina. People vote for good looks and excitement…she isn’t either. Bill she “ain’t”. If people also didn’t think they are a sham and to act like the ideal couple is laughable.

    As a Republican, I hope she does run, because if she does, it is going to be her last gasp. It takes (I hope) more than being a woman.


  2. dinarovette says:

    Have people forgotten that health care was Hillary’s baby during the 8 Clinton years? Just because Obama won did the healthcare get away from the Clinton name. It would have been ClintonCare had Hillary won. How soon we forget!


  3. Alice Bennett says:

    We need to impeach the president we have now. What a mess this country is in. Where on earth is he going to get all this money to pay for all he wants done?
    We certainly don’t need a woman for president either. Where is a brave, smart, intelligent man to get us out of this mess.
    Also we need these small jobs back to keep this country going.
    We need to put God at the head of school, business, government.
    Alice Bennett


  4. Colin P. Sumpter says:

    I do hope she runs, because it will be like an old Studebaker at the Indy 500. She still has many things to answer for: things which she wants to just go away, but she had a part in the deaths of good American citizens. If she is not willing to answer for her part in these atrocities, does anyone really think she is going to answer for anything in the future? She learned that she doesn’t have to be concerned with wrongdoing if you are far enough up. It would be a 3rd term Obama debacle but after the book and the realization that she really has done nothing: nothing of consequence to help America or it’s citizens in any way. What has she accomplished. If this were a reality show called “The Candidate” she would not even have the credentials to play in the qualifier.


  5. Colin P. Sumpter says:

    I want to apologize for poor writing. The ideas are what I wanted to put forth, but there are dangling participles, and changes of person. I did see a comment from a woman above me which said we need a strong man in office. I don’t think it necessarily has to be a man, but someone with morals. Ben Carson seems to be of high moral texture and I have never disliked Obama because he is three eighths black, but because he just doesn’t get it. Maybe he gets it and really is just getting his strings pulled. Who knows what is really going on? I just don’t think anyone would tell an allied country’s leader to stand down while it’s citizenry were being decimated. They are being decimated by terrorists who are getting millions from Obama daily. Tell our allies to back off: tell terrorists they get to keep getting money and do what they want? Really? A first grader who believes in Santa Claus would not believe that is right. This is, however about Hillary, so I will say once again. If she gets in, the toast will be the bodies of a couple hundred million Americans.


  6. Sandy Kramer says:

    Don’t worry, Hillary. You’re not Obama. In this tragi-drama, you’re Madame Defarge.


  7. Barbara Hendersom says:

    I agree with everyone that commented especially you Colin. Hillary and Bill Clinton were responsible for good citizens of America. It is sad to say, but the Clintons and Obamas are one in the same.


  8. Eagle says:

    I honor her enthusiasm to bring happiness to the USA. But as I know, Hillary is not as energetic as 10 years ago, which cannot allow her to deal with so many laundries as a president. I do hope Hillary rejects to run for president, instead, to enjoy her life.


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