Is Jordan Next for ISIS?

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  1. DJYahtzee says:

    “…Obama can’t continue this very real threat.”

    Oh yes he can!

    Some folks think he wants the same things as ISIS, is maybe even in cahoots with them or some other Islamic group.

    I don’t know but I’m not sure I disbelieve them.


  2. Free Man (NOT) says:

    Maybe Obama thinks he will be the leader of the new caliphate.


  3. roger densley says:

    Of course he can continue to ignore the threat. I’m all for diplomacy, but we can’t continue to be the worlds police force. First off we can’t afford it. Second, we only seem to make more enemies when we meddle in other peoples problems


  4. michael green says:

    The president is not ignoring this, as you say, very real threat. And indeed, it is a threat. By his actions, or lack thereof, he is not only allowing events to occur, but actively contributing to their unfolding. This uniting of Muslim rule, or its obvious potential, is not only a threat to American interests, but to the freedom of those people who will be ruled by it. I pray Americans speak up, congress speak up and act, and God be with Israel.


  5. Jim Sparks says:

    Certainly he can. He had to know it would happen as everybody else did. He was handed a victory on a silver platter and he has managed to :

    (1) Squander it away; and
    (2) Put us right back in the danger zone we were in before we took action to thwart a muslim homeground.


  6. charles Betts says:

    Michael Green is right on point. Obama is not only allowing these events to occur, this is his new caliphate for our country. This is where all the pomp comes from.
    P.S. This will never happen.


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