Big Data Hits Chicago Streets

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  1. James D says:

    People will let this happen everywhere eventually. They are too complacent to care, as long as they can still get their chips and beer everything is just fine.


  2. Ken Holtzclaw says:

    Welcome to the future! Big Brother is watching you. The positive aspects of this technology is the identification and apprehension of the criminal elements among us–the negative aspects are that as we go about our daily activities, someone is watching. I personally do not have much of a problem with this because I do not do anything that I would object to anyone knowing about.


    jenjen Reply:

    You just don’t get it! You might not do anything that you “would object to anyone knowing about,” but, it is about what those who are watching might object to! It is about policing the people in order to force them to “conform” and to “submit” to government tyranny. It isn’t obvious because it is done in the dark, but if you take your flashlight with you, the things that are done in secret will be clear.


    sam pozner Reply:

    You dont have problem with this because you dont do anything that you would object to anyone knowing about? Well I object to your attitude and as soon as I get a hold of power I will go after you. I will know where you live. How about that?


  3. Donald Shnyder says:

    Memory has failed me but in the past I read a book and this book was the MASTER PLAN as to what is actuly happenig today.. It must have been written by one of the left wing kooks that are controling every thing now. The end of the book was where the NEWS agency’s went to WAR with each other as they each wanted CONTROL of ALL. 100% of NOTHING is STILL NOTHING. I just do not how the BIG investors will gain by killing the GOOSE that LAYS THE GOLDEN EGG. go wonder.


  4. Free Man (NOT) says:

    @Ken, you have things backwards. Just because you aren’t doing anything “wrong” doesn’t mean that big brother has the right to snoop on you.


  5. Lloyd Watts says:

    Whom will watch the Politicians,Corrupt Police and of coarse The Mob .Oh they will be self policing


  6. George Sandlin says:

    Yes street light will now be able help apprehend criminals. The problem with that though is what defines a criminal? With our Constitutional liberties eroding right before our eyes, it is not to far fetched to see, that a criminal could be anyone who considered a right wing conservative. Or worse yet, those of us who consider ourselves Evangelical Christians. A criminal could be anyone who disagrees with the current Administration. America land of the free and home of the brave is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We ned to take the advice of our money,”In GOD we trust” not the gov’t.


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