Supreme Court Roundup

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  1. john redmond says:

    its not just big business but the criminal global elite of bankers who either own or control all media along with controlling our government(Supreme Court) included and the economy.


  2. william gibson says:

    Every one should look up the words TREASON and SEDITION .Read the CONSTITUTION and PRAY for AMERICA .The tree of LIBERTY is GROWN on the blood of PATRIOTS and TYRANTS……NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN (and women )to come to the aid of our country ! We still havev a REPUBLIC if we can KEEP IT!!!


  3. James Roberts says:

    Yes it’s time to put and end to this. How tO do it?
    Frist make term limits one trem per office no 2nd term. Pay the average wage of the eletc district one elect from. No retirement from elect office and no special medical. All get the same ssn only. Also make aid to all elect service one term only too. For they are the government behind the government.


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