The Newest Bully on the Block? China

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  1. phuoc says:

    China must stop right away!!!!!! Shame on you, China!!!!!


  2. Ray Downen says:

    If the U.S.A. had a sensible President with the best interests of the nation at heart we would be alert to put Communist China in its place. As it is, we’re busy disarming ourselves and have no means of winning any contest between us and China. All we can do is watch while our former allies are moved into unwilling allies with China. China has the means to crowd out us and our friends and to take over control of that part of the world. And later to take over control of what was once the U.S.A. Or, it is possible that everything will be changed by the November elections.


  3. prafulla shrivastva says:

    China should learn from rest of the world. Now entire world has become a global village. I have observed media has become so strong, nothing can be hidden from anywhere for rest of the world. They should avoid any war & they should focus on 100% eradication of poverty from all over the world. Chinese should be flexible now as entire world expect so much from them. They are working hard so they should take back fruits of their hard work.


  4. Icepax Knight says:

    China tried hard to shed its image of the “Weak Man of Asia” since WW2. However, instead of achieving its goal, China has further cemented its image by bullying smaller neighbors like Vietnam and the Philippines in the South China Sea. This mentality is further highlighted by its weak responses to encounters with the U.S. and Russian armed forces in recents years, or non-military encounters with these countries. If China has the mental attitude to pick on smaller nations, then it should also has the gut to stand up to its equal or better. Else, it’s just a weak man of Asia flexing its muscles. Nothing more.


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