Chemical Weapons in Iraq

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  1. ltc444 says:

    As a former military officer I am surprised that a chemical attack using improvised weapons has not occurred.

    In the 60s the Saturday Evening Post did a piece on the devastation that such an attack could cause.

    Potential sources for such an attack exist in every City and town in the US.


  2. RioSam says:

    Is this a joke? OUR OWN government is attacking us each and every day with chemicals released in the endless chemtrail’s they spread across this country!


  3. DunthorpeMD says:

    Those weren’t muslims dancing around while the trade center fell….THEY WERE ISRAELI’S …THE SAME PEOPLE WHO DID IT!


    Gene Reply:

    I do not believe that you have a clue to what you are saying. Why would Israelis be dancing around? It was Muslims who attacked the United States and it was Muslims who were celebrating in Iraq. Please know what you are talking about.


  4. Thomas Wells says:

    It’s easy to bring Sarin and other deadly items into America, Just put them in the backpacks of the unaccompanied kids coming across the southwest border, and pay their expenses.


  5. Steve says:

    there is no lung muscle


  6. Donna says:

    The lungs are muscles and work in conjunction with the diaphragm to expand and contract. For example, when someone is bitten by a venomous snake that causes muscle paralysis, the person can suffocate because their lungs and diaphragm have stopped functioning.


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