Kellogg Stock Barely Flinches After Lawsuit

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  1. Wisesooth says:

    What is the fuss about? Ever since they bought Keebler, their stuff was made by elves in a lone hollow tree. What is unnatural about that?


  2. Myron Martin says:

    Well its about time regulators woke up and at least served notice the deception by the big food processors will not be tolerated forever. Kellogg’ hasn’t made a product that deserves a “natural” label in decades, the founder would turn over in his grave if he could see, eat and taste the junk they produce today. A truly “natural” product is at best minimally processed that preserves the natural vitamin and mineral content of the original grain. Kellogg’s may be no better or worse then their major competitors but a $5.Million dollar fine for a Co. of it’s size is a joke, a mere slap on the wrist. Frosted Flakes are an abomination considering the damage that high refined sugar does to young children, the company in my opinion is devoid of any ethics, all that matters is the bottom line which is why you will not find any Kellogg’s brands at our house.


  3. sherwood romanko says:

    kellogs is and always has been no. 1 in my book for cereal and cereal products. my motto is that if made by kellogs, it must be good. other companies such as post are also good but kellogs just seems to be the one for cereal. the one favorite I have for instant oatmeal is a no-name or selection brand from Food Basics stores. s.romanko


  4. Mike says:

    Sadly, as the truth comes out about false labeling, Kellogg’s will end up being the biggest abuser since they are one of the biggest corn flake companies whereby it is now impossible to have natural corn when they are all GMO, a very unnatural. The problem is that most people believe too much in a name brand we all grew up with, and sadly do not research for themselves to learn the truth. Believe no one, the world is full of liars. PERIOD.


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