Gov’t Intervenes in Redskins Drama

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  1. Jay Jensen says:

    Re: The Redskins, since some liberal newspapers have decided they won’t use the name “Redskins,” will they substitute “skins” in talking about the team? And, therefore, the quarterback and the running backs, are they going to be referring to them as the aft skins; and the front line (center, etc.,) as the foreskins?


  2. Free Man NOT says:

    This is just another sorry attempt to distract the public from the terrible job the administration is doing everywhere else.
    Nothing new.


  3. wes says:

    This patent office did not dream up this absurdity by itself, so where did the directive come from? Directly from this floundering and inept white house, or did it originate in the office of some liberal Senator who obviously had nothing better to do that day?


  4. ELISSA JUNG says:



  5. Steveafrikaner says:

    The only thing shamefull about the Washington Redskins, is the Washington part (no insult to a great man) Washington is a cesspit of sleaze and corruption!


  6. Jesse says:

    This is nothing but Democrats pandering for votes they CANNOT rightfully earn. The team needs to tell those who want this change where they can stick that change namely as far up their rosy red rectum as they can get it even past the Media MORONS who already have their heads up there.


  7. D L says:

    Why stop with the Redskins? I can claim to be offended by NY Yankees since I grew up in the South. What about the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians? Or the Chicago Blackhawks? If I’m an atheist I am offended by the New Orleans Saints and the LA Angels, also the New Jersey Devils. Oh and let’s not forget college teams like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Come on people, give it a rest, try to actually do the jobs you were hired for, and solve the country’s myriad problems by working and playing well with others as you were supposedly taught to do in kindergarten. Sheesh!!!


  8. Anne Millard says:

    I don’t know a single soul who considers the Native American’s skin as being red. All the team needs to do is change the picture of the man on their helmets to a red bliss potato. THAT’S a red skin.


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