Obama Just Handed Over Iraq

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  1. Norbert says:

    Very sad, we could have prevented the Iraq war with diplomacy if our psuedo politicians had realized that they are a bunch of barbarians unable to police themselves, but rather lost a lot of American lives in a war. Now our amateur president gives it all away to a radical Islam theocracy, and the situation will be worse than under Sadam. At least he had control of things.


  2. L. David Carlo says:

    read between the lines…this is a planned approach for setting up a situation justifying shock and awe for Iran….only an idiot would let Iran get their hands on the big firecracker …..


  3. Dr. Len Schneck says:

    Mr. Brown, I am really getting tired of your partisan rants. Blaming Barack Obama for inheriting the debacle that was George Bush’s Iraq war is ludicrous. There was no reasonable way out of Iraq or Afghanistan after the feeble-minded and incomparably inept foreign policy-challenged Bush Administration attempted to export democracy to regions that had no concept of it nor would ever embrace it.

    And your Dick Cheney quote sent me into convulsions of laughter. The president who was infinitely more wrong about so much at the expense of so many was none other than his puppet, George W. Bush.

    The fact that you served in the Halliburton administration adequately describes why you are so misinformed about so much!


    Jim Sparks Reply:

    Continue Mr. Brown:
    Barack Obama was handed on a silver plate a complete victory, which he found distasteful and he gave it all up…..resulting in the all the blood and injuries spent to make us safe being spent in vain.


  4. Norbert says:

    Dr. Schneck said “Bush Administration attempted to export democracy to regions that had no concept of it nor would ever embrace it.” I totally agree, however, our current administration is now handing over Iraq to those that vow to kill anyone that is not their religion! How can you justify that?


  5. Terry Kirch says:

    Are you serious Dr. I don’t know what your specialty is but it certainly isn’t in logic and reasoning. You should read about the atrocities that were committed in Iraq before we liberated the people. Anyone who thinks our healthcare, economy, world peace, transparency, national security, etc. has improved will never see the Sunshine.


  6. wilie Kingfish says:

    Yes Bush was not a great Pres;
    But still obummer is and will be the death of what we knew to be the USA


  7. janno1 says:

    Obama has been working for this for a long time even before he was elected for President, this is why he is here and if you people don’t start believing it you will find the whole mess over here and Obama will make sure we lose. If he is not impeached soon this will happen over here.


  8. S. Bellemy says:

    Dr Schneck, Sir you are all wrong. You truly know nothing of the politics and history you discuss. You have only one goal; that is to promote our Commander in Chief. Relax, he needs no promotion! He is DESTINED to be the great puppet.


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