To Obama: Leave the Death Penalty Alone

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  1. Aaron Veselenak says:

    Excellent article Mr. Brown. Now take on that phony “Conservative” argument against the death penalty that has been getting attention recently in various media outlets.

    Either you do so or give me a chance to do so on your site with a guest commentary. Either way, excellent article.


  2. Melissa Elias says:

    Why is this president not being impeached . He is ruining our country here and internationally. I am shocked that he is still in office. Washington has lost all credibility and maybe thats why Cantor lost .

    People are tired of all the bull !!!


  3. ACADP - Australia says:

    The death penalty is not justice served – it is pure vengeance. The state-sanctioned killing of a criminal depends on the moral order that society lives by. Killing a criminal is not an occasion to celebrate. Rejoicing at the killing of a criminal shows the moral degradation of society. When the law metes out ‘vengeance’ disguised as justice, it becomes complicit with murders.


  4. Earl P. Holt III says:

    The refereed literature on Capital Punishment as a deterrent is UNANIMOUS. A technique called “Panel Data-Sets” has demonstrated that as many as 18 lives are saved by each execution in the U.S., because of its General Deterrent Effect.

    Anyone who argues otherwise is a pathological liar, or totally ignorant of the literature on the subject, a description that would include several of those commenting above. See:


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