Laser Scanner Set to End Airport Security Fiasco

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  1. Norman says:

    If I read this report correctly, .5% of the liquids, i.e. one out of twenty samples, will not be read correctly, which means that one out of twenty could (theoretically) terrorists could slip past security.
    I hope the backups are tighter.
    After all, we tolerate this intrusion into our lives not simply because we must, but because we want to be safe.


  2. Target says:

    If you want to be safe you must die. Determined terrorists can get around on- board methods of taking down a plane if they choose to. As Benjamin Franklin said…those who give up essential liberty for safety deserve neither.


  3. Target says:

    Besides that, your math is off by a factor of 10! The article said .5% NOT 5%. That would be 1 in 200!


  4. Wendy says:

    Sorry, Norman (and this should be a “Reply” but that’s not working), you’re either not reading it correctly, or your math is off. One in twenty would be a 5% error. This is a 0.5% error, or one in two hundred. And it doesn’t say they’re all false negatives, so the chances that a prohibited substance is getting through are probably lower.


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