Bitcoin’s Much-Anticipated “Big Break”

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  1. Zantean says:

    An interesting piece, but you only have to go back to recent history (1949 &1967) to see how Cable was devalued by 30% and 14%: hardly a convincing alternative to Bitcoin, whatever its current early life.
    With the $ facing possible devaluation and losing its stays as the reserve currency, most of the worlds currencies face growing pressure to adjust accordingly.
    The clock is ticking on the $,£, €, and any other currency you can think of… It will only take China to call in its $ IOU’s, for a global meltdown to occur…
    Bit coin may yet come to play a more significant role than anybody could guess….


  2. Evander Smart says:

    The narrator is as ignorant as the people on the street. She makes it sound like the Bitcoin price is deliberately manipulated by a few like the dollar is or the silver market by JP Morgan Chase!

    When the market grows, it’s only a few billion right now, prices will stabilize on an upward trend, as they have over the last couple of months. Growth in Bitcoin will equal stability. Pure supply and demand is a good thing. Centralized capital controls, not so much….


  3. Pete Thomson says:

    Really, how biased is that video. Still we can’t expect much more from Wall St.
    Its O.K. for the banking and tax systems to rape consumer every time they make a transaction, but as soon as something comes along that puts freedom back in the hands of consumer, the old boys networks don’t like it.
    The world of banking and tax laws need to move on. We the people are sick of over paid old boys taking our money and given us slim to nothing for it. Really, what right do you have?

    Price fixing, I’d like to see some proof of that. If people don’t like the price at one exchange, they can always go to one of the others. It’s not like its regulated..


  4. Nathaniel says:

    At the end of the video it says that one of the two requirements of a viable currency is that it be stable enough to “be a reliable investment”. That’s interesting. The US dollar goes down in value every single year and has lost approximately 97% of its value in the last 100 years. Bitcoin is up approximately 2000% in the last 12 months and has never lost value over any 12 month period. I’ll take a little viability for those gains….. And what about the requirements of currency that have been held as economic science for hundreds of year? Transferrability, divisibility, and scarcity. Bitcoin scores higher than any other currency on the planet in those categories.


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