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The Ingenious New Helmet That Treats Depression


Depression is one of the most misunderstood and debilitating mental conditions. The symptoms range from mild to severe – with potentially dangerous effects on sufferers.

As medical technology advances, however, scientists are changing the game in how they treat mental health. And Israeli company, Brainsway, has invented a novel device that can be easily taken on and off, just like a hat…

Enter the depression-treating helmet.

However, the patented helmet isn’t just geared towards tackling depression. Brainsway says the non-invasive, alternative technology can also treat several types of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

How does it work?

Safer – And More Effective – Than Shock Therapy

Simply put, the helmet stimulates neuron activity in affected areas of the brain by sending electromagnetic pulses into the brain. Prior to the helmet, such neurons were unreachable.

The method is known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is far safer than conventional electro-shock therapy, according to Ronen Segal, Brainsway’s Chief Technology Officer. And more effective, too.

“The result is remission and response rates that are higher than any treatment available today – and we can give new hope, and sometimes new life, for patients who are suffering from devastating conditions like clinical depression and other psychiatric conditions.”

The question is: Will we see it on the market anytime soon? You bet…

Last year, the FDA gave Brainsway a huge boost by approving its system to treat major depression. And the technology has opened new opportunities across the neurology field, as an electromagnetic coil targets specific areas in the brain that directly correlate to certain diseases. The process shows promising results for those suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Uzi Sofer, Brainsway’s Founder, is excited about the progress, pointing out that personalized treatment for individual patients is just around the corner.

So far, Brainsway has sold over 70 helmets, primarily in the United States… but this is just the beginning, as the mental illness-treating headgear looks set to expand across the globe.

That means big business for Brainsway – and, more importantly, big progress for patients.

Ahead of the tape,

Tech Research Team