Re-igniting the Gun Control Debate

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  1. Shannon Byrum says:

    It seems the media has left out the fact that this shooting spree started as a stabbing spree. There has been just as many killings with knives in the past few years as with guns and yet it’s always guns that make headlines. I don’t think we are going to outlaw knives. I think we need to investigate the real problems like the people committing these crimes and the law enforcement issues of such crimes. We need to accept the fact that there are some things we cannot prevent. If we were to outlaw guns, knives, bombs(dah), cars( don’t forget the Venis Beach car killings) do we really think criminals are gonna stop getting them. I think I’m the only one with common sense.


  2. Mark Smith says:

    Here we go again. Remember Joe Biden’s comment shortly after the Newtown incident” New gun laws would not have prevented this incident. This country needs to look at how medications are prescribed to children and young adults. In most of these incidents it is noted that the offenders were on prescribed medicines.


  3. Ray says:

    The fear and paranoia is palpable. Fear is one thing all people that carry guns in public have. Problem is most of us have zero fear of society unless people are walking around with guns. When do we stop these irrational fears from trumping my security?


  4. Richard Hoffer says:

    First of all, Elliot started his killing spree, with knife. He killed three people in his apartment with a knife before he even went outside. then he switched his killing weapon to a gun, and killed three more people. He was obviously on a killing spree. It’s my opinion that his killing spree would have continued even without a gun, and who is to say it wouldn’t have continued. Now he may have killed different people but it still would have continued, in my opinion.
    Have a nice day


  5. karl knudson says:

    the government is the one doping up people with devils breath and having them go out and shoot the kids ,this never happened before this gun control thing became a issue ,cant you see they created this mess ,for the reason to get control of the guns! this is all bad government seeking power ,the sad thing is that we funded these evil doers,and they pushed the money debt over the edge to the tune of us oweing 17 trillion ,come on if you want to get out of the hole ,you have to quit digging.grab that shovel


  6. Jon says:

    Let’s add this up seems the least deadly things he had was the gun. He did more damage with the car and we all know cars kill more people in a year than guns in a decade so I think we just need to outlaw all those dangerous cars except for mine of course. Signed the left wing nut job.

    It always amazes me how these people can’t see the log sticking out of their own eyes yet they can see exactly what is wrong with yours. Every time this stuff happens it is some over pampered spoiled brat that has been given everything they have ever pointed at. They live in a world of make believe ie. Online. They have parents that were afraid to spank little Johnny because it might hurt his little feelings. I for one am sick of it. This crap is not going to stop until this country goes back to a little discipline being a good thing. Trophies for everyone is not a good idea it leads to this kind of crap. Totally dead inside kids because you never let them learn that there is disappointment in life as well as the thrill of victory. Losing is supposed to suck so that you know how much better it feels to win. These kids feel nothing and therefore nothing is real. Not even when they kill each other. After all they all get a trophy right?


  7. John S says:

    The introduction of violent TV shows in the Fifties like Gunsmoke and the Untouchables didn’t spawn a proliferation of violent crime. Likewise, it seems fatuous to blame the Internet and video games. The difference today is the ubiquitous use of psychotropic drugs for everything from mental health to lower back pain. All these drugs change patients behavior, from mild to wild, from innocence to murderous. School children are being drugged into semi-comatose seat fillers so teachers don’t have to cope with inattentive, disruptive students. The companies that make these drugs already know what percentage of patients will become violent, yet they persist in their efforts to expand the use of these drugs. If they can’t find guns they’ll find something else. Get used to it.


  8. Army Vet says:

    We (the people) are actually sick to death of the “never let a good crisis go to waste”. We have seen it one time too many, and it’s only by wrong information put out by uneducated media (like this) that makes the “ploy” that politicians use affective at all. You are so wrong in posting this article with a erroneous title like “Children or Constitution” shows just how ignorant on the subject you are.

    In every single case on the planet, when guns were taken away from civilians (like Australia and the UK) crime (including killing kids) went up by more than 50%. Do you get it? by 50%!!!! How is THAT helping to keep kids safe? ITS NOT!


  9. Army Vet says:

    Since you do not understand the 2nd Amendment, I ask you to follow the link to MY blog, and get some education:


  10. Free Man NOT says:

    Has anyone noticed that virtually all of these shootings were perpetrated by people on anti-psychotic prescriptions?


  11. john rogan says:

    Self defense is an essential el
    ement to a successful education. Who suggests
    That letting lunatics take our lives is the way things should
    Be. Even verbal trash talk needs to be countered. It is the
    first step in a bully’s arsenal. Lets stand up to these right wing pansies who believe a gun on their hip gives them the moral high ground.


  12. LT Jones says:

    Neither knives NOR guns are necessarily the
    most worrisome weapon. If you are attacked with a knife or a gun…you just might be able to protect yourself or get behind something. What about a
    pressure cooker bomb like that used at the Boston Marathon last year. That kind of thing is much easier to get. No one asks for your driver’s license
    when you buy a pressure cooker. This kind of device is the favored weapon in the middle east.


  13. Lou L. says:

    What I find interesting is how many legislators will not vote for gun control because “the right to bear arms” is granted in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, yet I have not heard of one legislator state that he or she is against taxing the internet, even though taxation between states if forbidden by the Constitution itself.


  14. FRANK says:

    Criminals do not obey gun laws, we already have some 20,000 gun laws. Legislating more gun laws only affects law abiding citizens and do not prevent criminal’s improper gun activities, nor those of the mentally ill as well. people desiring to kill other people will do so with a knife, car, bludgeon or whatever, not necessarily a gun. respect the 2nd amendment it is not the problem.


  15. omar says:

    Hat’s off to everyone who stood up for the constitution on this blog. I’m a 30 yr old Hispanic male and both left, right paradigm make me sick. If you can not see the new world agenda at hand or put 2 and 2 together then satan has deceived you.WAKE UP AMERICA,before you know they will be at your front door…you can call me tin hat all you want which is what y’all do anyways (name calling). but it doesn’t matter what y’all are say it’s just that SAYING.. its not gonna get better but only’s biblical times my fellow Americans,ready or NOT.your only chance is to be right in your heart and with your relationship with the only true GOD Jesus gun ,pro life,pro freedom…


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