Take Care of Our Vets First

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  1. Earl P. Holt III says:

    To anyone who might have missed the lesson:

    The Veteran’s Administration scandal IS the future of American health care under the so-called “Affordable Care Act”…


  2. larry says:

    They seem to have forgotten 100,000 vets that are waiting to have their claims processed. It’s been seven years on my claim and appeal to get a final resolution. Nothing but stall tactics and they claim their just isn’t enough money to go around. Congress sure knows how to give themselves a trillion dollar pension, that the voters never voted for. They have plenty of money for their pet projects, but none for us vets. It’s all BS. They should all hang for TREASON.


  3. Richard McFall says:

    Want to talk about Claim administrators… When I got off active duty during Vietnam, I had a severe bout with depression. In hindsight, it is easy to understand why… I became very withdrawn and was hospitalized with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Wrong, I was depressed because I served in isolated duty in the Aleutians deprived of female contact, and came home to being spit on and called a baby killer. I languished with inadequate therapy for a few years. They would have given mew enough psychoactive drugs to dope me up, which I refused.

    I had a claim pending to increase the 10% disability awarded, which to this day has not been adjudicated. Anyway, I went back to College, and three years into a 5 year program which would have resulted in a degree in Environmental Engineering, the VA cut off my funding… Of course, I appealed, and even got a hearing during which I was told they needed more information.

    So much for getting an education. As far as I know, that claim was never acted on. Oh yeah, what a mess. I had Student loans to pay, and no job. No credit and all the obstacles that go with that. Another nightmare. I filed a claim in 2008, and that is still pending.

    While I have received adequate medical care from the VA, and all the providers treated me with respect and consideration, my experience shows that the administrators leave a lot to be desired.

    All the bonuses paid to administrators that cooked the books should be reclaimed as not being earned. A non-Veteran should not be a claims adjudicator or administrator.

    All the Vets I was in contact with at the Va were kind, respectful and as competent as one could hope for.

    The Administrators, not so much.


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